How WEDM used the WEDM Team Package to recruit and  launch an affiliate program. Within 3 months we got more than 150 affiliate signup. Now we have 80 active affiliates that promote our products every day.


Here is how WEDM used WEDM to build a successful affiliate program in less than 3 months.

Meet Sophia. Sophia is one of the co-founders of WEDM. She used to struggle with her e-commerce businesses because Facebook and Google ads just didn’t work for her. What did work was building communities through DMs on Instagram. This was how WEDM was born. Sophia helped build WEDM to help small businesses like hers build better relationships with existing audiences.


WEDM is a manual direct message (DM) service on Instagram for small businesses, startups, and agencies. We operate 100% bot and spam free and comply with Instagram terms of service. At WEDM, we help with:

– More visitors to your website
– Brand awareness
– Sharing news
– Follower engagement
– Showcase portfolio
– Sales and marketing

Based on your requirement, objectives, and goals, we will make a winning DM strategy to help your business.



With the case study, we had 2 objectives. Firstly, we wanted to reach out to as many small businesses as possible with a great advertising offer. Secondly, we wanted to build our affiliate platform.

Having 2 goals like this, we could easily optimize all the DMs we sent out. Often, we got hold of people that did not have businesses. Rather than being a problem, this has been a benefit; these individuals expressed great interest in joining the affiliate program.



1. Creating several new Instagram accounts is hard. This is especially true if your accounts are known for DM usage. Just sending 100 DMS per day can get you blocked. WEDM takes the hassle out of creating accounts, giving you more time to focus on your business.

2. Placing ads with platforms like Facebook or Google may reach the right audience, but at a cost. In fact, ads for Facebook and Google have only gone up during the last 10 years. Instagram DM, on the other hand, allows for targeted advertising for free! WEDM focuses only on relevant hashtags and accounts, so messages are only sent to the most applicable accounts.

3. WEDM doesn’t use bots. We never have, and we never will. The messages will be a combination of generic and personal message. We will only continue sending messages to those accounts showing relevant interest. We don’t believe in spam – recipients have the freedom to opt out of the message flow at any time.

4. Messages are tailored to your objectives. To gain customer interest, a business needs to prove their product or service solves clients’ problems. At WEDM, we know how hard it can be to find new leads for small businesses. That is why we focus on reaching new and diverse audiences through the power of social media.

5. Instagram Direct Message (DMs) is one of the hottest channels right now. It has about 70-90% click-through rate, because marketers don’t use it yet. So if you don’t DM, you better get started, or use us.



One of our primary objectives was to build an affiliate program with as many relevant partners as possible. To achieve the most conversions possible, we send several messages to potential prospects, regularly updating them according to most effective performance.

We would target relevant accounts and  like a few images and send a few generic comments such as:

1. Killer content 🙂
2. Would love to connect! 

Based on what they reply, we would send a more personal DM such as:

1. “Hey name” It would be an honor to have you on our team!
2. Refer a business to the Team Package and earn $9000 for one year. Sign up to the waiting list today!” 🙂

Based on what they reply, we would have a new DM, which will get us one step closer to our goals.




With a simple strategy like that, we were able to generate 400 leads, 150 signups and  80 active affiliates in just 3 months. The affiliates are promoting our products and services each and every day and giving us a ton of value.

Building the affiliate program is hard and you definitely need to treat the affiliates with respect and as an extended arm of your team. You need to encounter and face their difficulties with patience, care and great offers.

DM on Instagram is one of the most exciting opportunities for small businesses at the moment. On all other major platforms, you have to pay to access your audience, but on Instagram you can DM them for free. It may be time consuming, but the results are worth every second.

Do you DM for your business right now? If not – let us DM for you so you don’t miss out on this great opportunity.